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You will learn a new practice in its totality by taking the workshop first.  After that you can work on perfecting it on your own or you may subscribe to a membership package.

Adult Workshops 

  • Surya Shakti: This workshop will be offered on all weeks as well as all weekends.  It will be typically taught in 1 or 2 sessions about 2 to 3 hours each.

  • Surya Kriya: This workshop will be offered in a 2 hour session to those who have completed Surya Shakti before.  

  • Angamardana: These workshops will take place multiple times in different formats each month.  You have an option to take all four sessions on a weekend or four consecutive weekdays or learn it in parts.

  • Yogasanas: These workshops will take place every other weekend as well as on weekdays, every other week.  They will be typically held four sessions of 2.5 to 3 hours each.

  • Bhuta Shuddhi:  Takes place every other weekend.

  • Eye Care:  This is offered once a month on Fridays.

  • Other: ​

    • Intro to Hatha Yoga with free meditation: Once a month on Fridays
    • Jala Neti: Scheduled upon request​
    • Shanmukhi Mudra: Scheduled upon request​

    • Bhastrika Kriya : Scheduled upon request​

    • Naada Yoga : Scheduled upon request​

    • Bhakti Sadhana : Scheduled upon request​

    • Private Sessions: Scheduled upon request​


Please ensure that you meet the age requirements before booking.

If any of the following is true in your case then please consult your doctor and talk to us before booking.

  • You had surgery in the last six or fewer months,

  • You are currently pregnant or considering to be pregnant

  • You have any health concerns such as but not limited to...a weak or painful back or neck, or suffer from hypertension etc.

Group discounts available.

Fees are variable.  

Class size discount

Bigger the class size, bigger your discounts.

Class sizes capped at 15.

Maximum fees listed are per person for a class of size 3 or less.  Minimum fees listed are for a class size of 10 or more.

Other discounts

Sign up with a family member and get up to 10% additional discount.

All workshop fees include one free review/practice after 2 to 3 weeks of self practice

How to know what you will end up paying?

If you are interested in a class on a particular weekend, book your seat by paying $25 using the button below (Please also book on bookings page so I get your information).  Two days before class you will be informed of the fee based on sign ups.  You will be able to cancel within following 12 hours and get your deposit back.

Adults Weekday Practice Schedule 

  • Yogasanas Tu-W-Th-F  From 6-7.15 AM

  • Angamardana M-Tu-W-Th From 6.30-7.30 PM

Pay $25 to book your seat!!

Adults Weekday Practice Fees 

Adults Weekend Practice Schedule

(Only for those who have completed the workshops earlier)

  • Yogasanas Sa  From 8.45-10.15 AM

  • Surya Kriya Su From 8.45-10.15 AM

  • Surya Shakti Su From 8.45-10.15 AM

  • Angamardana Sa & Su  From 5 - 6.15 PM

Weekend Practice Passes* 

*Passes expire within 2 months from date of purchase.

Children' s Workshops 

(8 to 13 Years)

Following practices can be learnt by children from 8 years  onward.  Feel free to enroll your child in a workshop along with you for a discounted fee.  This option is not available online yet.  Please call us to register your child in a workshop or practice class.

  • Angamardana 

  • Surya Shakti 

  • Upayoga 

  • Eye Care

  • Fall/Spring/Summer Break Camps: One or two week long camps dedicated to Yoga and related activities will be held during regular school breaks

Children's Yoga Class

Private Sessions

for individuals and small groups

Don't see a practice/timing combination that you are looking for in our schedule?  Or want to learn or review a practice in a small group setting ​of your choice?

Let us know by clicking the button below and we can set it up for you. 

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