Benefits of Consistent Practice of Classical Hatha Yoga*

• Balances the Autonomic Nervous System 
• Cardiovascular efficiency increases 
• Respiratory efficiency increases 
• Gastrointestinal function normalizes 
• Endocrine function normalizes 
• Excretory functions improve 
• Musculoskeletal flexibility 
• Joint range of motion increase 
• Weight normalizes 
• Sleep improves 
• Immunity increases 
• Pain decreases 
• Balance improves 
• Integrated functioning of body parts improves 
• Grip strength increases 

• Eye-hand coordination improves 
• Dexterity skills improve 
• Reaction time improves 
• Posture improves 
• Strength and resiliency increase 
• Endurance increases 
• Energy level increases 
• Steadiness improves 
• Depth perception improves 
• Somatic and kinesthetic awareness increase 
• Mood improves and subjective well-being increases 
• Anxiety and Depression decreases 
• Attention, Concentration improves 
• Memory improves 
• Learning efficiency improves 

*  These claims may or may not have been corroborated through scientific studies.  They have to be experienced as byproducts of dedicated and consistent practice along with other lifestyle adjustments.

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