Elevate your consciousness

The word asana literally means a posture. Out of the innumerable asanas a body can assume, 84 have been identified as Yogasanas, through which one can transform the body and mind into a possibility for ultimate well-being. By consciously forming the body into a certain posture, one creates a conducive passage for energy flow that can elevate one’s consciousness. 
Yogasanas are a way of aligning the inner system and adjusting it to the celestial geometry, becoming in sync with the existence, thus naturally achieving a state of health, joy, bliss and above all balance.

Practice takes about 45 minutes to an hour in the beginning.


  • ​Relief of chronic health conditions

  • Evolution of body and mind towards a higher possibility

  • Stabilization of the body, mind, and energy system

  • Deceleration of the aging process


  • Suitable for ages 14 years and older

  • Other details upon registration

This is currently offered in the following four formats:

  • Condensed 4 Session format: Suitable for those living far from the studio and may not want to come for multiple sessions on weekdays.  You may take all 4 sessions on the same weekend or 2 sessions each on two different weekends.

    • Beginner​

    • Intermediate

  • Extended 8 session format: This is suitable for those staying close to the studio. 

    • Beginner​

    • Intermediate

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