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Yogasanas* - Fee-350
SuryaKriya/Surya Shakti* - Fee-325 
BhutaShuddhi*  - Fee-200 
Children's Program*  - Fee-200 (8 sessions)
EyeCare-Upayoga* - Fee- 300
Shanmukhi Mudra/Bhastrika Kriya/ Jala Neti* - 125
Angamardana/SuryaKriya/ Yogasanas Guided Practice*
- 25 (80 for 4)

Online Stretching - 150 (12 sessions)
In Person Stretching
 - 250 (12 sessions)
One on one consultation/class - 50

* Indicates Isha Hatha Yoga Practices
Guided practices and reviews are only for those who have learnt the practice before.

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