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This is the first private yoga school to teach Isha Hatha Yoga in Atlanta, GA and part of a global movement to revive the art and science of classical yoga.   Founded by Rajashree Kanetkar in 2018, this venture is dedicated to help you achieve your wellness goal.

The studio is conveniently located amidst many residential subdivisions and businesses in a beautiful, quiet facility with all hard wood floors and  walls full of windows.


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Rajashree has graduate degrees from India and Purdue University, IN.  She left a successful corporate career in Marketing Analytics to pursue her longstanding passion for Yoga full time. 


She is a graduate of Isha School of Hatha Yoga which was founded by Sadhguru in 2012. Here teacher trainees go through a rigorous 21 weeks (over 1750 hours) of training at the breath taking Isha Yoga Center in South India.  After graduating from the first batch Rajashree has been teaching Classical Hatha Yoga since 2013.

Most of the sessions are being taught by Rajashree currently. Soon we plan to invite more teachers.


Preetha Venugopal started her journey into Hata Yoga in Jan 2016. Her practice of Surya Kriya brought her health ,wellness and mental clarity. Her longing to keep transforming herself and impart this to others led her to take up the Hata Yoga path. Preetha graduated from the Dec 2018 batch of Isha Hata Yoga Teacher Training with a total of 1750 classroom hours. 

Preetha continues to balance her successful career in IT consulting with Yoga teaching.

Our Teaching Method

A new practice is first taught in its totality in such a way  that participants are able do do it unsupervised on their own.

They can then develop their own personal practice or come to the studio for guided sessions.  Over the last few years, many have found the guided practice sessions extremely beneficial.  If you live close to the studio location, we strongly urge you to come and experience the power of a consistent, dedicated practice in a committed atmosphere.

Most practices are done with eyes closed, fully focused on  one's breath and external supports such as music, mirrors, props etc. are not employed.

Hatha Yoga is treated as a complete path to physical, mental, emotional well being and spiritual growth.

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